Welcome! I am thrilled to be hosting the upcoming worship dance workshop on February 8-10! At Gateway Dance Academy, we continually give God the glory for the gift of dance and give Him our praise through dance. This weekend is a time set apart to study dance as an act of worship unto the Lord. Mark your calendars and come anticipating a great weekend!

Miss Debra

Gateway Dance Director

Clinician: Eder Maia (Brazil)

Always active and with a heart disposed to serve the Lord with all of his strength, he decided to leave the soccer fields in order to become a worshiper through dance. God had given him a promise: “You will represent your country in the nations of the earth.” Believing that he would be a great soccer player, he returned to the soccer fields where he had a very serious muscle lesion. God, in that moment, reminded him once again of His promise: “You shall represent your country in many nations but it will not be as a soccer player, but rather, as a worshiper.”

Convinced of the call, he decided to return to learning the techniques of dance. He acquired various qualifications in classical ballet, modern dance, and contemporary dance.

He is actually a dancer and choreographer of the Feast of Tabernacles Dance Company in Jerusalem, an event coordinated by the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem. (ICEJ)