Gateway Music

All Music Lessons will be taught online throughout the Summer Semester

Gateway Academy operates on a year-round schedule with a Fall, Spring and Summer Semester. Lessons are offered on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays during the school year according to instructor availability in weekly 30–minute, 45–minute, or 1-hour private lessons. Instruction is offered in Bassoon, Cello, Organ, Flute, Piano, Guitar, Violin, and Voice. We also offer a 20-minute Preschool Piano Exploration private lesson. Fall and Spring Semesters are 16 weeks in length and the Summer Semester covers six or nine lessons as well as special camps and unique programs of interest. The Academy observes only Thanksgiving week and Spring Break week during the semester. There is a break of several weeks between semesters.

3301 Dairy Road

Melbourne, Florida 32904


Ph: 321.723.0561